Thursday, August 13, 2015

The biggest threat to our lives in the longrun.....identity theft

Huffington Post article link

Unlike the STD's of old, where it takes 2 to tango(and sometimes 3 or 4), the new STD of our generation is contractible from the privacy of your house, in your room and underneath your covers....Socially Transmitted Disease leads to IDENTITY THEFT.

Huffington Post writer Adam Levin lists 6 ways to put on your virtual condom, without having to take the long walk to planned parenthood and ask for the freebies either....

1. Now this one is pretty damn simple. If your going on vacation and don't have someone staying in the home, a sweet security system that rivals the cost of your car, or a local police department that knows your name, and not because your the local dealer in town it's probably best NOT to post where your going, how long you'll be gone exactly, and maybe make sure that you don't have your home's address on any of your previous an open invitation to a bbq party for example!!!

2. You just bought the biggest, high def, led, 3d, internet connected, television from best buy, AND it was the most expensive, so you want to show ALL YOUR FRIENDS HOW COOL YOU ARE!!! Think again jackass....don't. Whether your posting it for all the world to see IE "public" or just to all your "friends",  if your like me and add everyone that asks to be your friend that doesn't look like a serial killer you've got some friends on your list that may just not be the kind of ppl you want stopping by to check out that new tv. So take a hint, keep your new purchase between your family and friends that come by for dinner....INVITED.

3. Ever heard of "Geo-tagging"? Well, what it is is giving your media files(pictures) a piece of information(your location) that can be used later to sell. Companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare enable geo-tagging and it's up to you to disable these location services. Although yes it may make getting directions from where you are located a little more difficult and require a few more seconds of work, it's worth the time to not give criminals the exact location of where you are in relation to where you live/have valuables right???

4. Most ppl would know this I hope but ALWAYS BE AWARE OF YOUR PRIVACY SETTINGS...for example Facebook uses a variety, anything from "public" to "school friends" or
"only me". Every post can be shared with a different or all encompassing group, just be sure your sending out those posts to who you want them seen by.

5. Remember when you were little and your parents said it was never ok to lie? Well, they lied. Here's the deal, on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc these are exactly where thieves are going to look for that all important information to build a profile on you and use your identity. Think about how many password questions could be answered by the seemingly unimportant info listed like your birthplace, age, high school you attended. No need to give more information the necessary. Make up a profile and use it for all your social networking sites, anyone that needs to know the truth, already will and should be doing the same thing themselves.

6. Pretty similar to #5....don't fill out those stupid quizzes ppl put up about who know's me the best or who's my best friend blah blah blah, just giving strangers access to see your name and email starts them off with 2 key pieces of information to start building that profile. Believe it, they are smart and between all the various places ppl visit online they very well could end up with enough facts to open an account or even switch one of yours to being operated under their control!!!