Saturday, August 15, 2015

More and more migrants continue to die in coastal waters while leaders argue over who's to blame

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The Mediterranean Sea continues to be littered with migrants found on boats abandoned by smugglers and left with little food or water while countries like Libya. Fleeing their own war torn countries struggling with levels of poverty unseen by many they are throwing caution to the wind and leaving the middle east, Africa and Asia. trying to make their way to Europe through Italy, Greece, Spain and Malta.  

Many of these European countries are struggling with the task of taking on all of these migrants at such a rapid pace. Nearly all have already accepted and rescued more then figures from all of the last calendar year.  The smugglers fill the sometimes barley sea worthy fishing vessels with as many men women and children as they can fit for maximum profit. Once out at sea the smugglers get picked up and leave the vessel to drift until the coast guard picks them up and rescues them or they make it to European land. Many times boats are found some weeks later with little to no food on board or even drinking water. It is typical to hear stories of dead bodies being thrown overboard after dying during the treacherous journey.