Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Black women dies 15 hours after telling officer " I don't want to die in your cell today"

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July 25th would be her last day on this earth. Ralkina Jones was arrested for an alleged assault and once at the station asked for medical care stating that she didn't want to die in her cell. Her reasoning she explained was a combination of several heart related problems. Besides what she described as a serious heart condition her most worrisome issue was POTS syndrome. POTS stands for postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. The police seem genuinely interested while discussing her problems and say that throughout the night she seemed "fine" during their routine checks. 

Police released this nearly 30 minutes of one officers body cam video but  there are no answers as of yet. By 7:30 am Ms. Jones was dead in her cell. As of now the family says they don't understand all the facts surrounding what happened.

Personally, it seems like a very sad situation. One of the concerns Ralkina explained was a brain injury she suffered at the hands of her ex husband which was the man she was accused of assaulting on the night in question. Any situation where a man causes a serious enough injury that it's classified as a brain injury is a big issue for me. That takes serious force and could be a mitigating circumstance. However, this article doesn't go into details about the heart history or previous injuries seriousness.

For me although this is another sad story, it does not seem to have any similarities to the other police related deaths that have circled the country. Unless facts unknown come to the surface, which is completely possible, I see no reason why this is really news other then the tragic loss of life unnecessarily.