Sunday, February 8, 2015

What age do you feel comfortable allowing your children to put on a football helmet for tackle football?

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Since 2008 the number of kids playing youth football has decreased 27%. Studies show the kids that play tackle football before the age of 12 are at a much higher risk for health problems occurring later in life. Things such as memory impairment and decision making are two areas effected by brain injuries.

While there seems to be varying degrees of concern among parents...the facts of studies like the one done at Boston University which was released Wednesday is startling. Some researchers suggest pushing kids under the age of 14 towards flag football will greatly reduce the long term risks that prolonged exposure to the game can have.

Personally I started playing tackle football in the Pop Warner league, coached by my father, around the age of 12-13. At that age it is very important to teach kids the "right" way to tackle. At present time there is a "Heads Up" football initiative which the NFL is sponsoring which includes seminars and meetings for coaches throughout the country teaching the proper techniques for kids to not only avoid injuries to themselves but also avoid injuring others.