Sunday, August 9, 2015

Another unfit, useless, piece of shit mother cools her heels in jail while her toddler is studied by coroner

Article originally posted by The Blaze

How does this keep happening? Not the exact same story but the exact same feel. Some bat shit crazy mother can't handle life and she tosses her fragile, precious, 1 month old baby out her window? WHAT? No excuse is sufficient. No punishment just. And think, this piece of shit is going to cost the taxpayers of New York how many thousands of dollars in a high profile case like this? What does a bullet cost these days again? Why do we need a jury to declare this bitch is guilty? Oh wait, maybe the poor women has post traumatic stress from having a baby??? Wow, my heart really goes out. God just chose her and bang she was pregnant. It's not like she had to have some kind of you know, sex. No No NO. It's not her fault, it was an accident. Or maybe he doesn't like how condoms feel. Or maybe they couldn't afford to buy condoms. Any way you slice it, this asshole deserves to burn. How about we just toss her out a window like she did to that defenseless little girl? That's fair right? If it was good enough for her baby it's certainly good enough for her.

Please, let me know what you all think....