Thursday, January 9, 2014

Enforcer getting back on the ice after a not so necessary vacation

So the Bruins and Bad Boy Shawn Thornton have dropped their appeal of his 15 game suspension after the decision is taking a lot longer then they expected. Thornton is a team-first kind of player and he didn't want all of the questions surrounding him to be a distraction to the team. His legal team even mentioned that after it was all said and done it actually would't even save him any games by the time a ruling was made by the independent arbitrator. Boston Bruins Link

15 game suspension huh? Give me a damn break. Did Thornton do something wrong. YES. Did he deserve to be suspended? YES. Did the punishment fit the crime? HELL NO. Ok, so let's talk about what happened in case you didn't know....Brooks Orpik plays for the crybaby kids from Pittsburgh the Penguins. He is known as a cheap shot artist and kneed Brad Marchand in the head while he was on down on the ice. Shawn Thornton did what he is supposed to do and that's hit Brooks Orpik....the problem is he grabbed him from behind in the heat of the moment and tripped him before hitting him. Orpik wanted NO PART of fighting him though and it was obvious. But, if your going to play like an asshole when your on the ice eventually your going to get handled one way or another. That's what is great about the fighting in hockey. It allows the players to police themselves and forces players to be accountable.

A 15 game suspension for someone who is as stand up of a man as shawn thornton is bullshit. He has played in over 600 games without having a single issue similar to that one and it was just a mistake in the heat of a tough game.....the Penguins have become a pretty good rival for the Bruins in the Eastern Conference and hopefully they both meet up in the Eastern Conferance Finals again