Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rodman speaking politics

Rodman regrets the foot in mouth speech

Oddman Dennis Rodman took his second trip to the horror story, despicable record of human rights with thousands of known violations in North Korea. The dickhead dictator with an appetite and fetish for our NBA, Kim Jong Un, welcome his fast talking friend Dennis Rodman and 7 other NBA players. In a not so surprising move Rodman has explained that a combination of stress and booze were the real culprits. 

North Korea has human rights violations that number in the thousands over the years and right now is even currently holding a US citizen, Kenneth Bae who is being held for "anti-state" crimes. Rather then use his surprising friendship with the new little leader to help free the missionary that is already in poor health he chose to serenade president UN with "Happy Birthday" with his fellow teammates.  

After waking up from his alcohol induced haze he probably heard from his publisher and issued a "statement" saying how sorry he was blah blah blah.....

Can you imagine what this would feel like if that was your family member being held. This story doesn't really hit home until you really think about what North Korea and its leader has done. North Korea's threats to use its nuclear weapons on South Korea have put the US in a tough situation. Kim Jong Un is an angry, hostile, arrogant, little man who actually executed his former mentor AND UNCLE after he was ACCUSED of a number of crimes. Yeah, he killed his own uncle...if that was my family member being held I don't even know what I would do... can you imagine?