Thursday, January 9, 2014

What is new coach Bill' Obrien going to do with #1 pick

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The Louisville Cardinals finished off the storybook career of Teddy Bridgewater with another college bowl game win against an underrated Miami Hurricanes 36-9. Bridgewater comes from southern Florida and put on a show against many of his former teammates by going 35-45 and having 447 passing yards. 447 YARDS PASSING IN HIS FINAL GAME..... It looked like a nice tune up and some say he is the consensus #1 pick. It seems to be between Bridgewater and defensive powerhouse Jadaveon Clowney.


Clowney and the South Carolina gamecocks finished off the season beating the #19 ranked team Wisconsin by 10 points. All signs seems to be pointing to one of these 2 college stars to be picked first by the Houston Texans....while Clowney may be a huge asset lining up opposite of JJ Watt this is the NFL. You don't win without a quarterback. If they think new head coach can get disgraced QB Matt Schaub back on track or their quarterback of the future is Case Keenem then they can make a splash by going with the defensive stud. New coach Bill O'Brien may have taken the best open coaching vacancy by walking into a team that just 2 years ago was a 10-6 team that went to their first playoff game. Never mind the fact that they also won their first playoff game in the teams history but got blown out in the second round by the New England Patriots. It's a what have you done for me lately kind of league and the only noticeable thing ex- head coach Gary Kubiak did was collapse on the sideline in one of the more scary scenes in NFL history.

Thankfully Kubiak turned out to be ok after tests and came back to coach the disaster of a team only to get fired by owner Bob Mcnair. EX-Nittany Lions coach Bill O'brien has taken the lead and is expected to get the Texans back to respectability and hopefully a playoff birth.