Thursday, January 9, 2014

Louisville hires cereal seducer and former coach Bobby Petrino

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Bobby Petrino is by all accounts a pretty good head coach. The problem is he is also known as a cheater....on his wife...with a women who was on the payroll suddenly with seemingly no football experience to her name. Petrino is also known for his unexpected exit from the Atlanta Falcons after becoming their head coach just months earlier. Even though he had a 3-10 season with the Arkansas Razorbacks back in 2007 he still has an overall record of 83-30 in college football. 

Petrino insists he is "a changed man" and he is ready for the new opportunity back where he calls "home".
They say home is where the heart is but for Petrino it may as simple as home is where his girlfriend lives. Whether the red faced rascal is back to his old ways we won't know just yet but it's hard to believe that in the 10 years since his departure he has really "changed" and is a different person. 

One thing is for sure...Louisville is hoping he isn't a changed coach. They compiled a top 10 offense while he was there and they want to get back on top. Teddy Bridgewater will be off to the NFL and is looking like he may be the #1 pick so Louisville has to adjust to losing probably the best player in the teams history.