Thursday, January 9, 2014

Gambling ends the career of 3 UTEP basketball players


UTEP says there is no evidence of point shaving or betting on their own basketball games but three men's college basketball athletes are now kicked off the team after being suspended indefinitely last week.... Two players were juniors and 1 was a senior which means the 1 year automatic suspension by the NCAA will end the careers of all 3. 

What is the big deal? So they supposedly gambled on "sporting events"....yeah ok and? So have I along with millions and millions of americans across the country. We haven't been told home much they gambled, how they gambled, where they gambled, etc...get it? Well I don't! Weather it's at a casino where the state gets to rake in millions of dollars everyday or with a friend on the team as long as they are not betting on their own games I don't understand why this is necessary. 

The NCAA is the most corrupt entity in the fucking world, they are hypocrites of the worst fashion.... DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO should be there motto.... While they sit back and decide the fates of student athletes arbitrarily I have to think, the punishment doesn't fit the crime. It's just like with Johnny Football at Texas A+M. How is it that the kid gets paid $10,000 on several different occasions, its on pictures and on video and he still only gets suspended a half of 1 game again a team ranked in the 100's.... Anyone think that money can't buy happiness cause it sure looks like ol Johnny Football had mommy and daddy shell out a few bucks from his piggy bank to satisfy someone out there.