Saturday, March 10, 2012

So, I can think of a few fun things to do in the middle of the night between "sleeps", what would you be doing?

You Sleep Too Much....I Say Blog Entry

You sleep too much!

Okay, picture this. It’s the middle of the night… you are sound asleep until suddenly, for no reason at all, you find yourself wide-awake. You check the clock and see that it’s just after 2:30am. And the worst part is, it takes you FOREVER to fall back asleep.
Well friends, you are not alone. Apparently being awake for 2 hours in the middle of the night is how our bodies were originally programmed.
According to an article written recently by the BBC, we used to partake in something called “first” and “second” sleep – which is exactly as it sounds:  two rounds of sleeping per night with a two hour gap in between.
According to research, the time spent awake in between sleeps could have been used to clean, read, visit friends, pray, cook or many other activities.
This seemingly odd sleeping pattern was said to be popular until about the 17th Century when it was eventually phased out. Based on the article, the switch came when streetlights became more frequently used/popular, which in turn allowed people to stay out longer at night, before bed.

Apparently, up until the 17th century, it was typical to have 2 "sleeps". You went to bed and then in the middle of the night woke up for a couple hours to do any number of things such as dishes, read, pick up around house, foreplay+relieve some sexual tension, or whatever else your mid-evil mind could think of. Maybe there was some sort of town "sheep toss" every Saturday when the clock struck 12 and all the single ladies would dress up in the finest cow-skin moccasins and the men wore their nicest overalls for a good ol fashion hoe down. Now, obviously i'm exaggerating but you get the idea, we are social people, everyone has their own set of wants and desires along with their idea of "fun". Whether it's snuggling up by the fire with a book or chopping a tree as fast as you can, to each his own.

This really is something that doesn't sound that strange to me but the reasoning of with the invention of street lights citizens were able to stay out later and therefor phased out the "activities" done between the 1st and 2nd sleep sounds a little fishy. Whether the streets were lit or not they had other methods of "light" if they wanted to "party" a little longer rather then waking up in a few hours to get back into action, seems to me like they just started to develop common sense....and i'm glad, cause i sure love my sleep.

SO, what do you guys think? What would you be doing if you had to be up in the middle of the night for a few hours? More likely to hit the books or hit your significant other? and I mean "hit" in a good way, the way that makes them say ahhhhh, not, noooooooo.