Thursday, March 8, 2012

Seems like there is something wrong here....and it's more then the fact that both parents are in prison.

Huffington Article

Ok, First things first, blame starts with the parents, if they even deserve to be called that at this point. I understand that hardships can fall on anyone at anytime and I am the last one to judge but let's take a few of the facts into consideration objectively.....

The parents were originally raising their family in Louisiana before they were displaced and homeless after their home was left under around 8 feet of water.  I have empathy for all of the families that lost belongings and sometimes irreplaceable items passed down from generation to generation in families in addition to their facing joblessness, depending on their insurance and housing situation homelessness etc. But, let's remember this little tidbit of information.....the mother was arrested in December 2010 and the father March 2011 for embezzling money from the victims of Hurricane Ike. So, basically without knowing too many details it looks like they used their hard-luck situation and garnered some trust and then abused that trust while they stole money from the very people that were suffering just like they were.

  So, when they say that the living conditions wouldn't be that bad if he or his wife were "home" right now, it's not like pirates came and drove them off their land in search of gold or something. It states that the mother will be released in 30 days at the end of the article.  I'd be pretty saddened if these kids were just handed right back over to half of the criminal couple that masterminded the thieving of money that was either from donations, taxes, or wherever else. Is this the kind of parent that should be homeschooling a child? The only thing she is capable of teaching is a class on what to look out for in cases of suspected fraud, embezzling, etc to government agencies. That would be worthwile for both her to have a meaningful job that is doing the right thing and maybe instilling some values and morals in her that were missing for all these years. It would also help future agencies and branches of our government be on the lookout for certain things that they were unaware of in the past. I'm sure she knows more then a few of the men and women who caught her and it can't hurt to hear what the thinking was like from the other side of the line.

All in all this is a terrible, sad, and disgusting example of just how easily something as important as children can slip through the cracks of our badly overworked justice/court system. How is it that there were no case workers assigned to do any type of follow-up to ensure that the proper necessities were being given to these kids? So the father says the aunt is taking care of it and everyone just says ok? She is allowed to just leave for her 12 hour shifts and we all should trust that an 11 year old and a 5 year old are safe there alone? God forbid there were a sex offender living next door, what would we be doing right now? How much more tragic does this need to get before its national news? Did some bear need to break into the bus looking for leftovers and kill them? Are we so naive that we believe the aunt when she says that she's working 12 hour shifts, 5 days per week and she stays in a school bus at night? You think after working 12 long hours that she is going to go deal with 2 young kids and sleep in a small seat rather then home to her bed? 

I'm sickened by this whole story.....DISGUSTING.