Wednesday, March 28, 2012

SO, You be the judge.....who's going to be putting it in the hole more?

As the guy that wrote the article states, one has to assume it's a prank.....if I remember correctly there was the same thing or something similar last year during the final four and I've even seen one that was similar during the World Series, it happens, some ppl enjoy a little joke here and there.

The thing is, who knows if this is really a joke? I'd bet my savings account(don't worry it's about the same amount as this keyboard I am typing on is worth) that this guy got more then a few offers.  When something goes viral like this there are sickos from Delaware to downtown Detroit, kids from Orlando over to Oregon and lonely men from LA to lower Manhattan checking out their prospects with the picky housewife from Kentucky that has a husband willing to share his booty for a little of your bounty. I wouldn't be surprised if the cops started to verify if an illegal offer of prostitution was made, no, actually, I would be surprised if the cops DIDN'T investigate in this overly litigious society we live in. Moms from Maryland forget it, you get the picture.

So, how many of you think that if you got set of tickets to the final four to see his beloved Wildcats play your going to score more then Anthony Davis on the front line of Louisville?