Monday, February 20, 2012

ESPN employee's blindsided by the FUCKLIN SANITY!


Two employee's of ESPN and another radio commentator that was speaking on an espn outlet but is not employed by the sports giant have been called out by the executives of ESPN after a few days of public simmering.....

One employee was fired and a second was suspended 30 days/a month while the other radio speaker was obviously not able to be punished by the network since he dosen't work there and there is no word yet from his station owner will be handing out punishment for his offensive remark about NBA phenom Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks. The remarks came on Friday and Saturday and this is actually the first I have heard of them which somewhat surprised me.

Even now I don't know what the "offensive" remarks were...I can think of a few derogatory terms I have heard for Asians in general but what really surprises me is that the fact that it didn't just happen once, or even twice, in a span of 2 days there was 3 separate incidents. Three seperate incidents and yet someone(me) who reads several times per day and in online for around 10 or more hours daily and I didn't read one story or even hear this mentioned. I can only imagine how much outrage there would have been if it was another ethnic backround. I'm not saying that there were NO stories, what i'm saying is that obviously there weren't many in big letters or in prominent positions etc so that they did not catch my eye.

What's your take on this whole scenario? Does anyone know exactly what each situation encompassed?