Friday, December 16, 2011

Wait, so you lose the fight and then you do WHAT??? WHERE??? wait, WHY???

So, THIS is what we have came to? Seriously? A men's recreational league hockey game, little bit over-aggressive play, then drop the gloves and fight until clear winner brags a little and they exit but not before loser throws the glove of opponent into stands.....

then here's where i wish i stopped reading. Loser exits locker room and retrieves opponents glove, walks to secluded area of rink, squatting position follows, and he walks back to where he found glove and leaves the glove once again in the same place, but now it has the "hot package" inside waiting for the "winner".

Ok, must I even really comment? Beyond childish. I mean, come on buddy. You lost a fight, it happens, either get over it or don't get into them in the first place. Either option is just fine with me. But what you did after? That's just wrong! and utterly WEIRD! Like Michael Jackson picking up your kids and taking them to the park kinda weird.

Everyone....let's remember rec leagues are for fun. Have some. If your still attending every week and half your nights end up anywhere near what this loser did, then it's time to hang up the gloves, cleats, helmet, skates, or whatever else you use!