Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lakers in trouble with Kobe out>???

Lakers aging Superstar Kobe Bryant has found out about another one of those nagging injuries that won't require surgery but take time to heal, and can affect his play. He has a torn ligament in his right hand that he injured during the pre-season game against the Clippers earlier this week on Monday. 

As is typical of Bryant he played through the pain and then continued without making much of it through practice on Tuesday but when the pain persisted Wednesday he went for an MRI and sat out practice. This injury is one that typically doesn't require surgery but to properly heal it takes rest and treatment for anywhere from 3-4 weeks depending on how badly that ligament is actually torn. The story quotes a surgeon Dr. Robert Klapper as saying it's a complete month for immobilization if it's torn totally but a simple bruise would be a different story and require much less down time. T

he Lakers and Bryant haven't been very forthcoming with their upcoming plans for Kobe as far as exactly what they are going to do in any regard and the first game is just 4 days away against the Bulls. They will already be playing shorthanded on the boards with oft-injured bigman Andrew Bynum out for 5 games to start the season because of his flagrant foul on JJ Barea in the NBA Championship this past season(REMEMBER THAT WAS THE GAME WHERE THE LAKERS FINISHED OFF THEIR ABYSMAL, EMBARRASSING, PITIFUL, TERRIBLE, AWFUL, SELFISH PERFORMANCE AGAINST A MAVERICKS TEAM THAT EXEMPLIFIED THE WORD TEAM.)

In my opinion after an off-season that went pretty much as bad as anyone could have imagined whether a Laker fan or Laker Hater it continues to get worse and worse with this news. Depending on the extent of the tear him sitting between 5 days-30 days could make a pretty big hole for LA, especially with Bynum out the first 5 games due to his suspension. The Lakers already have a pretty weak bench in my opinion and with their top scorer and sometimes effective big-man out who knows what's going to happen. Pao Gasol should step up in theory but with his reputation of soft play I doubt he's going to shine with all the spotlight on him. If he's plays bad fans will be on him quick after he stumbled through the playoffs without caring about much if you saw his expressions.

+Joshua Hastings