Friday, December 9, 2011

Why must we lose more of our promising young me and women before we take notice?

An Iraq war veteran that had returned from active duty overseas shot a sheriff deputy before turning the gun on himself and committing suicide. He had no previous criminal record but was recently taken in for mental evaluation after a domestic dispute.

The deadly situation began after the deputy was attempting to arrest Martin Poynter for his failure to pay child support, which he had an outstanding warrant for. Originally, the officer Richard Rhyne was called to a complaint of trespassing at an abandoned house. Martin Poynter was there with his brother and when the deputy was checking their names for warrants in the database poynter retrieved his weapon and fatally shot the deputy before turning it on himself.

His brother witnessed both shootings but was not involved in anyway and was not charged with a crime. The deputy was a fantastic officer from all accounts and had served proudly for 37 years when he was killed needlessly. He was only 58 years old at the time of his death.

When are we going to really open up our eyes and see the damage that is being inflicted on our troops, not only physically but mentally too. Men grow up hearing suck it up, be a man, tough it out ect. We're sending young men who have barley experienced life yet into war zones where they make life or death decisions daily and not only for themselves but for their fellow soldiers, friends, superiors. Many come home with images of the wounded branded in their minds forever. They are forced to choose between sleep where those terrible memories torture them or finding a way to bury the thoughts. If we are not going to make sure the message is clear then they won't accept it. It's not enough that some mental health services are available, they need to be recommended, and if that doesn't work make sure they know someone, anyone is there to talk to them, they can't hold everything inside....if they do we are going to have more death and more tragedies here, brought home for us to cry about....Help one another, everyone deserves a hand sometimes!