Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Say what? How is this STILL happening today, what is the world coming to???

Obviously there is still racism in the world, still in our country(United States), still in my state(Massachusetts), my town(South Deerfield), but thank god not in my family or my house!

I've always said, to each his own, and I truly believe that, everyone is entitled to feel however they want, if they were brought up as a close-minded bigget then so be it, as long as they aren't preaching it to me or my kids someday then it's no skin off my back. The problem is when these assholes find each other, create some group in the name of religion, a hobby or whatever else and set out on their path of destruction.
It doesn't have to be physical for it to be wrong, how do you think these poor people felt? Disgusted, Embarrassed, Confused, Shocked, just to name a few possibilities. 

Now imagine if the couple had came with kids....that's a moment that could be burned in their minds forever, a moment that could shape how they feel about other people who are different then them. Not only is that not right but it's damn near criminal. Everyone has their own set of values, beliefs and opinions that have been shaped by their experiences, surroundings, and social upbringing. This brings us to the Nature vs. Nurture argument where you can say one has more of an effect than the other.

In my opinion, they both have their own place in the shaping of a young mind, there is no steadfast rule we can look at and predict the outcome, how else can we explain the serial killer that is a psychopath when they were raised in a loving home and yet still found their way to that evil life one way or another?