Sunday, November 27, 2011

The pedophile who couldn't keep a secret!

The article below is from and I initially was alerted to it in my google+ stream by +Jordan William Johnson who shared it from +Kevin McClemens. 

My Take: Glad to see that someone didn't just pass the buck this time as we have continued to hear about in so many of the scandals involving sexual assault lately. The patron that saw the perversions of this disgusting, vile, inhumane, evil, pathetic, remorseless, piece of garbage....that we politically correct like to call "a pedophile" did the right thing by alerting a stewardess. She did the right thing by having the authorities waiting and i'm glad to see that some privacy law or other loophole wasn't able to let this scumbag hide behind his lawyer when he got off the plane. 

Now what's important is that he spends some serious time in jail. Not the little club med that's for white collar crimes and finagled sometimes when people have money but a real, old fashioned grade F JAIL with all the fixins. I want the prototypical cellie for a roommate, the warden that doesn't hear his screams, and some guards that politely spread the word that a new kiddie dreamer, hopefully not diddler is on the block and ready to have his welcome party. There are very very few crimes that I think warrant violence. Almost none. But I think we should reserve the death penalty for people that hurt children sexually. They are changing the course of an entire life....there are so many different things that can be damaged by this vile act and our kids need our help, need our protection. No, so far we don't know this gentlemen did anything other then look, but how did he get those images? What did the people who took them do? How many of the children he is looking at face the hell that he imagines as his fantasy? 

Let's remember who needs our sympathy and who deserves our contempt!

Paying for a first class ticket earns you a lot of privileges that you won't get in coach. Free booze! Comfortable seats! Plenty of room! But there are still some rules that apply in both sections. Like, for example, the prohibition on checking out child porn on your laptop.
Passenger Grant Smith, 47, of Cottonwood Heights, Utah learned this the hard way when he was spotted allegedly looking at "illicit images" on his laptop by another passenger. Things quickly went downhill from there:
The passenger alerted the flight crew, which then contacted state police. Troopers investigated the allegations and charged Smith with possession of child pornography, according to state police spokesman David Procopio. The investigation is ongoing and additional charges may be filed against Smith, Procopio said.
Delta officials contacted authorities just before 3 p.m. Saturday to report a male passenger "viewing pornographic images of children on his laptop computer during the flight," Procopio said in a statement.
Smith is scheduled to be arraigned Monday.
[MassLive.comimage via Shutterstock]