Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wow, where do I even start with this? Wrong on so many different levels and places. I can't even fathom a "communications director for THE GOVERNOR FOR THE STATE OF KANSAS, actually figured after doing her "routine search" on twitter for the governors name her next step should be to contact the school of this HIGH SCHOOLER TO ASK FOR AN APOLOGY? OK, let me get this straight, so one of your possible constituents for the coming election and most likely for future elections posts a tweet expressing her feelings on a government head running for re-election and she not only gets questioned by the school but it's taken even further? Talk about getting blown out of proportion huh?

What ever happened to that freedom of expression thing? Did that get voted out at one of these closed door sessions that seem to occur whenever our government wants something that is unpopular? And what type of message does the fact that the governor would allow such ridiculous actions in his office, and not from some low level college student interning, this is her COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR! Obviously I don't know for sure but i'd think the governor, Sam Brownback, would be privy to what kind of actions his staff is taking on his behalf, especially on matters so series like this one! haha, rightttttt.

Then we get to the principal. What place does she have delegating how, what, where, when or who a students tweets speak of as long as they don't take place during a class period when phones may not be allowed? Not only did the school show just how cowardly they are and their utter disregard for the privacy and rights of their students. How about you stand up for her instead of groveling at the feet of some politician who probably doesn't even know your name and will never speak to you let alone see you in his life? Sound good? Nah, that's just crazy talk, you probably should have made a better impression and just kicked that damn twitterer out of school immediately! That'll show those students who does the thinking around here!

Brought to my attention first by Euro Maestro in my google+ stream