Sunday, October 2, 2011

NYPD To Women Of Brooklyn's Park Slope: Don't Wear Shorts Or Dresses

NYPD To Women Of Brooklyn's Park Slope: Don't Wear Shorts Or Dresses:

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+Joshua Hastings

Overview: Due to the recent outbreak of sexual assaults in the area the police have resided to taking the step of stopping and warning women that it's in their best interest to not wear shorts or dresses because that is what the man committing these crimes is looking for in a target. Some women and resident groups feel this is inappropriate and the police have no right to tell anyone what they should or shouldn't wear, they should be protecting them regardless and not blaming the victims.

My take: I think this is absolutely ridiculous. The police are TRYING TO HELP. I would want to know if there were something I was doing that was similar to what an attacker was looking for that's actively present in my area. It's not the police's job to tell me how to what to do when I go away on vacation but i'd want them to tell me if there's something I can do to make my house less likely to get robbed. I KNOW THEY SHOULD BE PROTECTING THESE WOMEN AND OBVIOUSLY THEY ARE TRYING BUT THIS SEEMS TO ME LIKE JUST A LITTLE ADDED MEASURE TO HELP AVOID THIS THUG. Give them the benefit of the doubt, you can't blame the police EVERYTIME something is wrong and then keep asking when your not seeing them around when you need them. Support your local unit and try and let them know you appreciate what they do, they are putting their lives on the line every single shift they work so you can safely sleep at night, raise your kids, and not have to worry about every person that passes you on the street. No, they can't be there every second of every day, but there doing things you don't even know about to catch this guy, they can't announce the added measures they are constructing or they wont work or at least won't work as well....

I understand your frustration but they can't be everywhere watching everyone at once, if they hired 100000 more police officers and then announced your taxes going up $200,000 per year each what would you say? You'd be very very safe but there's always a give and take obviously. I'm exaggerating the numbers but the scenario is quite probable when a major headline grabbing crime is committed. If it's not hiring it's at least moving resources around so there are more police in that area. Well, that's the take, the give is now those police all came from another area that's less protected, so when the crime starts going up there what do you tell those citizens? Sorry not my problem? The sad thing is the disparity usually is pretty obvious between the higher income living areas and the lower. We are all supposed to be equal, maybe that's something that our leaders should sit down and think about for a little while before their next part of the solution, not the problem!