Sunday, October 2, 2011

DADT Repealed: Gay Active-Duty Servicemembers Wear Uniforms At Human Rights Campaign Dinner

DADT Repealed: Gay Active-Duty Servicemembers Wear Uniforms At Human Rights Campaign Dinner:

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Years late and long overdue the don't ask don't tell policy the U.S. had for armed service members who were gay was repealed on September 20th of this year.

This year at the 15th annual for Humas Rights Campaign fundraising dinner was attended by openly gay active duty servicemembers who were wearing their military dress. This is the first major event in which this was possible without fears of retribution from above in the chain of command. The fact that there were gay men and women in our military was our governments dirty little secret, but to many in our country they were no different then any other human being. A man is a man is a man, whom he falls in love with is something that he can not control, so how is it right for me to try and control it.?

Retired Staff Sgt. Eric Alva, who was the first Marine seriously wounded in the Iraq war and was by President Obama's side when the DADT policy was repealed a couple weeks ago. At that moment, as pen quickly moved across the paper Alva can finally exhale, after having to hide who he was as an individual for nearly his entire life from everyone around him on a daily basic. How the policy ever sounded like a good idea in the first place is a mystery to me but I can say with certainty, we should be ashamed of ourselves for putting so many of our military men and women out on the proverbial island that we are taught in grade school is so wrong. Remember in 1st grade when you had to make valentine's day cards for your friends and the rest of the class? Every one of us had at least one kid that we didn't want to give one to, or a girl that was annoying, or a boy that picked on you. Well, I know that I was told I had to give one to EVERYONE, that it was wrong to exclude ppl, it made them feel bad for no reason. Think about it, think about what we did to so many of the people that put their lives on the line every single day and night when we peacefully slept in our safe multi family houses, with nice big beds and with our arms around the ones we love. Not only didn't they have any of that support system we isolated them with this policy and made the journey that much worse....

Take a minute out of your busy life to just think about it and then let's just move on and make sure the next time something like this happens and we have a chance to speak up, we do.