Friday, September 30, 2011

Diana Nyad's inspirational swim ends in disappointment but proved to be necessary

At about the 40 hour mark of her approx 60 hour journey from the coast of Cuba to Florida while trying to become the first women to swim without a cage for protection her swim was cut short because those jellyfish stings from the Portuguese Man O'war caused swelling in her arms legs, lips, and face. Fittingly though, as her boat made the trip through the final stages of what of been her swim she got thousands of messages and notes from well wishers around the world letting her know what an inspirational women she has been. To think at the age of 62 she wouldn't just make a half hearted attempt at this but fight through this excruciating pain after a shark sighting along with being told of sightings of barracuda's in her area also is just incredible.

Next time you think that something is too hard and you want to give up, maybe you can draw from some of Diana's immense heart and finish strong....