Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Documentary of the Occupy Movement

We could all be witnessing part of history, a big part of history not just because of the arrests in New York and Boston now, not just for the citizens of the United States, this could be something that is the beginning of change in the world. That's a big aspiration but who knows, it can't hurt to think big right?

I have not been an active part of this movement in the way that some of these protesters have. The 700 people that marched onto the Brooklyn Bridge, following the police from what I could make out in photos and video, sacrificed their freedom temporarily and they have the possibility of losing out on future jobs as some have strict policies against any type of record of arrests, and some could even be reprimanded from their current job. These are circumstances that some people don't realize when they go to a protest but they need to be weighed against the effect your presence could have. Imagine if all of these citizens stayed home? Imagine if Occupy New York didn't happen to begin with?

New York is the epicenter of this movement to begin with. When those 700 protestors were let like lambs to the slaughter to the Brooklyn Bridge then warned and arrested I think that was the breaking point for a lot of citizens that were on the edge, content to stay quiet on the sideline, being Switzerland if the protestors were the US and Wall Street was Afganistan. All the video's that started circulating with macing, abusive talk/behavior by the police made a lot of generally impartial people take notice. It should be said that many of those video's are intentially recorded/played after the police are "forced" to retaliate after someone yells at them, don't follow directions/orders, throw something, move beyond an area they are not supposed to be in ect. You NEVER know what happened before what your watching, many many of video's you see coming from each side intentially portray only one side of a story.....obviously if a protestor throws a bottle and hits a cop and then takes his camera out and records your going to see some agressive angry police officers, that's expected, so just remember that when your watching inflammitory video's, always try to stay impartial as much as possible and then form your opinion.

What do you think of the movement? How far can it go? Is it not going to change anything in the end, are the men and women in charge of "wall street" to powerful or is this going to be the beginning of the end for backroom deals and money changing hands over the future of everyone?