Saturday, October 8, 2011

Should the hold on refugee aid be lifted or should we wait till the audit is finished?

To me this seems a little more complicated then what the writer makes it out to be. Yes, we need to have compassion for these ppl and i'm all for helping those in need but when there are american citizens all around the country struggling to survive everyday in this economy we need to be extra vigilant with where we distribute funds.

I don't have enough information on this perticular refugee aid program to say whether there is a way to continue with the audit of the entire program while individually "vetting" each applicant and continuing to distribute funds once they are verified. Again, i don't know if this is realistic without knowing how many refugees there are taking advantage of this perticular program, what type of money each is getting, whether each person gets the same set amount or if it depends on different variables? These are all factors that have to be considered but I just think we can't be so quick to judge Senator Paul for trying to protect the integrity of the funds we distribute. I wish we were just as careful with all of our other government aid programs such as food stamps, housing assistance, ect.

Our assistance programs in the US are extremely overworked and while I think many of them are necessary the problem arises when they are abused which sadly is happening everywhere and that takes away from people that really need the help. Here is an example and I won't use specific names although I think this women deserves every bit of the backlash she would get.....My girlfriend is a teacher for young kids at a private school now but previously worked at the Head Start school program in one of the local towns around us.

For those of you that don't know the "HeadStart" program is a school that caters to underprivledged families and children. Many of the kids come from broken homes, parents that need government assistance in regards to food, housing, clothing, childcare ect. When winter came around there was a charity that was donating a winter coat to each child that needed one so they sent a letter home with the kids to have the parents fill out the form if their kids needed one what their favorite colors were and what size they wore so they could get as close to what the child wanted as possible.

Well, one family had just gotten 2 brand new jackets from another assistance program for their two kids that attended the school and the mother had came in bragging about how she didn't really need anything but got entire outfits for each kid because it was offered. Ok, fair enough, there are a lot of ppl who wouldn't turn down free stuff, kids can never have too many and they grow out of things quickly ect ect but what comes next is what I have a problem with.....

The teachers didn't send the letter home with the kids that already had winter coats because the program already was shorthanded and were not going to be able to give them to everyone to begin with and it wouldn't make sense.  That mother that didn't need the BRAND NEW COAT SHE ALREADY GOT EACH KID, ANDDDDD THE REST OF THE ENTIRE OUTFIT SHE GOT, now came in and asked why she didn't get the form to fill out for the winter coats. It was explained how they were very limited due to donations coming up shorter then planned and they thought she had said she had gotten some already ect ect? Her response....."It does not make any difference what I got, if other kids are getting a winter coat, both of my kids need one too so get me a form to fill out". She proceded to make such a scene that another parent gave up the coat for her daughter so BOTH of that women's kids could get their 3rd jacket FREE paid/donated by taxpayers like you and me......

THAT IS WHAT REALLY REALLY BOTHERS ME, I WISH I COULD HELP EVERY SINGLE PERSON THAT NEEDS IT BUT I JUST GET SO FRUSTRATED WHEN I HEAR THINGS LIKE THIS AND IT REALLY GIVES A BAD NAME TO EVERYONE IN THOSE PROGRAMS AND IT SHOULDN'T. There are plenty of ppl who only take what they absolutely need and I have no problem whatsoever giving them the shirt off my back, i'd even offer my spare bedroom if a family was put out and needed somewhere to stay for a few days till they figured something out but parents like this deserve to know what it feels like to go hungry.....every selfish move they make takes something away from another little kid that needed what they just throw away probably....remember for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.