Thursday, October 13, 2011

How's this sound for protect and serve?

See, things like this are what is wrong with the world. I'm not someone who's over the top rage against authority, anyone in power is evil, greedy, corrupt, ect. In fact, I usually give police the benefit of the doubt unless there is enough evidence or facts to support a claim before I give my opinion but what the hell? I say this because my father is in fact a police officer, a chief of police actually. He has been a police officer for over 20 years now and this is exactly the type of thing that gives ppl the opportunity to pass judgement on the profession as a whole and paint every police officer with that big brush. I understand the initial reaction but let's remember the majority of men and women that go into the academy do it for the right reasons. They are normal people just like you and me except they are willing to risk their lives everyday that they put that badge on their chest to protect us. Before they go in they think about the family they have waiting at home, the people that they are working to provide for and they just hope that today is just another boring shift and they are not called to a situation where the possibility of using necessary force becomes a reality.

Then you get the hopefully 5% or less who have that little man complex and were bullied in school so they decided to go to the gym everyday and workout and then went into the academy and now they are ready to show everyone who's the boss. Just wait till they pull over one of those guys who pushed them in the locker room, or wait till they see on of those snobby girls who wouldn't give him the time of day at the dance. That's exactly what we all don't need.

Then you have the flat out corrupt, greedy, criminals who manage to pass themselves off as police officers all the while in fact committing the very crimes they are paid to solve and stop. This case in the story is particularly troubling because these were narcotics detectives. It's not like they were out there busting kids with a bag of weed and giving a citation, these guys made arrests for things like possession of cocaine, possession with intent. Just to clarify, these are class B and C drugs they are talking about and it may even go to A. That means felonies for innocent citizens. Think about what those charges alone can do to someone's life.....Just getting charged for that crime can lead to being reprimanded at your work, school, parents, not getting a future job, getting into future school, and in some cases not even getting the chance to apply for certain jobs.

This is disgusting abuse of power and I can't even put into words how angry it makes me knowing that one day I could be out having a drink with my friends and then bang, I end up in jail, charged with something I didn't do, forced to plead guilty to lesser charges because more likely then not I would be found guilty if I took it to trial because it's the cops  word against mine and then I have a record for the rest of my life.

We need to put a stop to this kind of behavior and hold the people in charge of protecting us to a higher standard when hiring obviously, and that's just the start.....