Monday, October 3, 2011


TSA Pats Down Breast Cancer Survivor Even After Getting Scanned:

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I talked about this before but now that i've thought about it a little more there really needs to be more done to protect not only the passengers on the plane, citizens of the U.S. AND visitors to our country but also the privacy and integrity of those people. So many lines were crossed and social norms broken in this incident that someone should have stepped in and said THIS IS JUST NOT RIGHT....and even now I haven't heard anything about the TSA coming out and making a statement that we are going to discuss a nationwide policy change in light of these situations.

Firstly, why was this not done more privately? No other passenger needed to be made aware of what was happening, this poor women has been through more then her fair share of hard times obviously and this screener really needed to flex her authoritative muscles and make an example of THIS WOMEN? come on, a little common sense or at least common courtesy never hurt anyone. Quietly let her know that your sorry but this is the policy and your going to have to take her aside somewhere to conduct a more thorough check....still somewhat intrusive and unnecessary if she had just verified the card she carried to identify that it was because of a medical procedure but still....a LOT BETTER THEN WHAT SHE DID. The Screening agents need some sensitivity training or something, this SHOULD NEVER NEVER NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. Am I personally sensitive to the situation because I have had family go through several different cancer problems? maybe, but haven't the majority of people? Cancer has touched someone we know everywhere, it's a very difficult disease and still has no cure after all this time. Let's all learn from this situation and make sure it's not going to continue happening....