Sunday, July 15, 2012

City of Cleveland keeps getting shiny new toys but either loses them or they get broken Article Link
In a city that has such faithful and loyal fans despite suffering the yearly losing seasons in almost every major sport is pretty incredible in and of itself.  Then factor in the owner handicaps from 2 of the 3 major sports and that's giving the Indians a questionable pass here and it's downright sorry.

It's like somehow they get a franchise saving break and hysteria ensues but only long enough to waste your money on next years season tickets in hopes of some continued improvement or god forbid success and then WHAM! Back to the basement fellas. You know your not supposed to go outside until your mom gets home from work. The big boys get the field, watch and try to learn something.

For a second we even felt bad for Cleveland, we were on their team, SCREW THE BIG-SHOT LEBRON JAMES AND HIS PRESS CONFERENCE, OF HIMSELF. Who does that even?  It's not L.A. and your not supposed to be some wide eyed know it all teenager anymore. Your supposedly "from" Cleveland, Ohio. It's a blue collar, hardworking, honest city. They offer a hand to a man when he's down, they don't kick em....

Well, all of em except maybe that Lebron guy. Remember that press conference that made us hate James and feel for Cavaliers fans everywhere? Again, we felt for them right until we got to hear about owner Dan Gilbert and his reaction. It probably was something like a thanks for the memories, good luck with your new team, hope to see you win a title soon, take care Lebron....RIGHT. And Lebron signed that 10 year extension to stay in Cleveland after all didn't he???

How about that sensational breakout running back who had the record breaking, tough guy, blue collar kind of season. He even won the vote from fans to be on the cover of the new Madden game! Awsome right....well, until he got an injury and decided to shut it down until they signed him to the long long term big contract he wanted...he didn't want to risk injury. Remember who that owner is. We know Art Moreno wasn't going to be sending any sympathy paychecks to a hurt used up running back.

So, who's right in all these circumstances? That's just it. NO ONE IS. The fans are the ones that lose out. Screw the millionaires needing another few million. Screw em all. What about the guys that faithfully work hard and put in overtime all year so that they can afford season tickets every year, good or bad team, as long as they work hard, CLEVELAND IS PROUD. That's what a true fan is. 

Now we finally come to Mr. Kyrie Irving. Duke star freshmen without even playing half the damn games due to an injury and STILL selected 1st by the Cavs and named the new face of the new look Cavs. Irving shows why he was picked #1 yet gets injured and spends significant games sidelined....again....oh well, at least he's on your team, right Cleveland? Just wait till next year, that'll be the new beginning....

Well, sorry guys. It happened. Again. How you ask? Your ex DUKE student, face of your almost billion dollar franchise, but still just a kid, slapped a wall and broke his hand. YEP.