Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Not the kind of voicemail anyone wants to hear.

Below is the link to the MSN.BC story update whith the information that evil, selfish, depraved, crazy, deadbeat, loser of a so called father actually had the balls to leave his family a voicemail with an "apology". REALLY SCUMBAG? AN APOLOGY??? First, you kidnap your kids and probably frighten then half to death, prepare yourself to MURDER YOUR GOD DAMN TWO BEAUTIFUL LITTLE INNOCENT SONS and then follow through with the act of burning them to death along with that piece of shit that thought he was a father.

This story bothers me on so many levels its hard to even put it into words. While I was disgusted and amazing at the depravity of the killings in Connecticut of the family that had been raped before being burned to death, I'm even more so with this....if that's even possible. I'm not minimalizing the family killing by any means but strangers obviously besides being non-human, vile, evil creatures had no connection with that family, to them they were just dollar signs, the women and daughters were objects and the father was an obstacle. That's it plain and simple

In this case though, it was a family. Obviously at one time or another the husband and wife loved each other, or at least she thought he did, i'd have to go out on a limb here and say that he looses the right to claim that once he even had the ability to form this action in his head, let alone plan it out and followthrough with it. Those little boys that the court decided should not be alone with him never had a true father, a man that stands behind you and stands right with you when you need it. Powell spoke out against the decision vocally and I just wish that the courts were able to do something more. If the man isn't able to be trusted alone with his kids because he is dangerous or whatever else then why even allow supervised visits in his home?? Anything he wanted to do without the social worker their he could do with her sitting 20 feet away.

Now before he committed the act which was obv planned out pretty well for such a stupid, idiotic, disturbed, child abusing, piece of shit, LOSER i JUST CAN'T PUT INTO WORDS HOW BADLY THIS BOTHERS ME. Why kill them? If you really are so miserable and hurt and can't live without them in your life then end it if you must but what did they ever do to deserve to be in the same deathtrap as you? Haven't them been punished enough.

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