Friday, December 2, 2011

America's next Tarp Model video from The Daily Show

Jon Stewart is the face of "The Daily Show", and for good reason. He's not only funny and pretty well spoken on a variety of topics but the style and set-up of the show really allows for some creativity on his part in all aspects where he wants. Everything from interviews with guests, his own staff/comedians and fans has such a personal feeling to some of the pieces it makes the show that much better.

Obviously the bias shows through once you watch an episode but with the US in such economic trouble combined with the depression that fell just months ago in some eyes his political sattire has been aimed at both parties and anyone else in his way and that's the way it should be!

 Personally, I love both the Daily Show and the show immediately after "The colbert report" which is hosted by Stephen Colbert. It's nice because so many of the comedians that have been regulars on The Daily Show have went on to have amazing careers in entertainment. As I said, Colbert got his own program, and Steve Carrol is now a top movie star for classic's of the past generation like "The 40 year old virgin", can't beat that.

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America's Next TARP Model
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