Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kidnapping still all too popular in some countries....latest MLB victim is Washington Nationals catcher Victor Ramos

Summary: With the recent news at Penn State in regards to the sexual abuse of minors, failure to report by a litany of coaches and other people associated with the football program, and now the firing of legendary head coach Joe Paterno the kidnapping of Wilson Ramos has been pushed to the side. In a seemingly all to common occurrence in some of the south american countries, 4 armed masked men burst into Ramos' home and kidnapped him while he was vising Venezuela to play some offseason baseball. He was taken at 6:45 pm and there still has not been any contact from the kidnappers...there has been past occurances where family members of professional baseball players are held for ransom and then returned safely and situations such as with Cubs pitcher Victor Zambrano where his cousin was kidding and later killed. In fact Zambrano has had to deal with the situation twice because his mother was kidnapped 9 days after his cousin but was rescued 3 days later.
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My Take: The article below is less then a full page long, in comparison the cumulative stories on the situation at Penn State has 16 different articles on the front page of ESPN college football....obviously they are both serious situations but the bias seems palpable. I can't claim to be a expert in the topic of kidnappings however I have thourally read story after story each time a professional athlete or athlete's family from the United States has been taken and held and have seen the many twists and turns that can occur. Although many if not all of these kidnappings originally were about money, in some of these towns citizens are living in what we would consider poverty or below....they see dollar signs when they see a family member of some professional athlete lives down the street. 

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What we have to remember is these kidnappers are not thinking clearly and the situation is volatile. In a moment of paranoia, anger, fear, desperation the kidnapping can turn into a murder. There are so many variables that change the outcome there isn't a formula that family can follow to guarantee a safe return. My heart goes out to the family and friends of Wilson Ramos and you will be in my prayers, clearly there are significant problems throughout the world in regards to economy and while we are all waiting for the situation in the U.S. to play itself out we need to remember that no matter how difficult it may get, if your reading this right now, there are MANY, MANY people out there who are in a much worse situation. 

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Let's all just try and do what we can for one another, pass it on, give a helping hand.....