Thursday, November 10, 2011

Joe-Pa....Is he the man of integrity, Nationwide icon, admirable and King of Beaver Ave or simpily THE WOLF IN YOUR GRANDFATHERS CLOTHING

In a whirlwind of events Joe Paterno, a living legend at State College and leader of Penn State for 46 years was unanimously fired by the board of directors. A short phone call ended the longest tenured college football coach in the history of ncaa football who is the owner of the most wins in the history of college football. What seems to be most confusing to all looking in is the fact that Paterno is out and the 37 year old assistant who supposedly witnessed a sodomy that sparked this whole investigation named Mike McQueary. Somehow McQueary built enough good will and moral credits that he can walk in on a rape, a grown man absuing a 10 year old boy in the worst way possible, witnessing this violation of basic humanity and literally turning his back on both that helpless child, his own morals and integrity and in my book his wish to be called a man.

A man does not hear rumors, whispers, even talk in passing and not inquire within. Let's remember this didn't happen once and then the embarassed defensive coordinator quickly fled with his tail between his legs...NO the scumbag so blatently flouted the laws of this country, laws of the state of Pennsylvania, codes of Pennsylvania State University, I'd hope team rules and most certainly BROKE THE MORAL COMPASS AND SHATTERED IT INTO SO MANY PIECES THAT I CAN'T EVEN FATHOM WHAT IN THE HELL COULD HAVE HAPPENED TO THIS DISGUSTING VILE PIECE OF TRASH THAT WOULD CAUSE SUCH A LACK OF ANY SPEC OF respect for the pain and suffering he was unleashing each time another victim fell prey to his game

Outside the Lines...ESPN Penn State

MY COMMENTS:It seems that 9/10 stories I've seen in regards to this barley mention the victims in passing and focus on Paterno's legacy, his win record, his coaching style, what he knew, what he didn't know, what he thought, what he was told, what he shouldve done, what was expected of him, ect. THE VICTIMS ARE THE ONES THAT DESERVE YOUR WORDS....THE VICTIMS ARE THE ONES THAT DESERVE YOUR ANGER....THE VICTIMS ARE THE ONES WHO DESERVE YOUR OUTRAGE OVER PENN STATE....THESE BOYS WERE AS YOUNG AS 10 YEARS OLD, THEY WERE SODOMIZED, SEXUALLY ABUSED, RAPED, FONDLED BY A GROWN MAN IN A POSITION OF AUTHORITY. I unfortunetly can imagine what they have went through in the last 10-15 years. It will never be over for them, for the rest of their lives they will be dealing with the feelings of anger, pain, sadness, anxiety, depression, embarassment, shame, matter how many times someone says "it's not your fault timmy" that doesn't change what runs through our mind when we close our eyes at night, images branded in minds forever, years and years of counsiling can help but never cure, let's all try and give these men the support they deserve, they didn't take down penn state, they didn't cause Joe Paterno to be fired, they didn't ask for all of this, they just wanted to have fun and they ended up living a nightmare that will never end. 
To all of the victims: "Your in my prayers and I know what your going through, the only thing I can say is let your family, friends and those you still can trust help you, I know it's hard but everyone isn't out to hurt you, your safe now!