Sunday, November 20, 2011

I shall not take part in the killing of your innocent "child"....

Who should have the right to decide whether you end your pregnancy before it really begins, have a baby and then consider your options such as adoption, government assistance, or how you can re-arrange your schedule and your life for the next 18-24 years so that you can provide for said baby?

This is a highly contested and debated topic all over the country. There have been bombings, shootings, stabbings, protests and hate mail at abortion clinics everywhere. It's a scary situation to begin with for women and when you add in factors like age, relationship status, parential views, religion, and future plans it gets plain overwhelming. 

Imagine a 16 year old girl, who met a guy at a friends house but he went to another school and was just visiting his cousin here for a few days. As soon as they met they were inseperable that night and the normally shy girl let her guard down and lost her virginity to him but never could get ahold of him afterwards. She knew her parents didn't want her even dating before junior year and that was almost a full year away, let alone sleeping with a boy. She had planned to not lose her virginity until she had met someone she could see herself spending her life wife and wanted to wait at least 6 months to a year after they were dating even STILL. Besides her parents brought her up very strict devout catholics and they would be so embarassed if they knew. She was working doing lessons at a dance studio to help out with bills and eventually she'd have to stop if she kept the baby and she already got early acceptance into a college across the country.

 Who would babysit? How was she going to find a job that would accomadate her hectic schedule after having a baby? How could she afford babysitting? All normal feelings and questions for a confused girl dealing with a possible pregnancy. 

How are we even talking and SERIOUSLY talking, even talking that it's getting nationwide attention now, to really take that choice away from someone? I'll admit, i'm not some fanatic pro-life or pro-choice religious nut that believes whole heartily one way or another in certain circumstances; however, thats a HUGE caveat obviously. There is a reason that this is a huge debate everywhere, from one part of the country to the other, one household to the next people can be MILES AND MILES APART WITH HOW THEY HANDLE THE EXACT SAME SITUATION. And that's ok!

If you don't feel your going to be able to handle everything, and I mean EVERYTHING that comes with bringing a life into this world, then please, please, take the other options that are out there into doesn't NEED TO BE ABORTION. It's not that black and white anymore. There can be adoption in the right circumstance and that's exactly what saves so many lives out there. If you've made a mistake and you don't "believe" in abortion, maybe this is the right path, at least give it some consideration.

All in all, I am a man, what does that mean? Well, it means that I can put my heart into breaking down the issues, feelings, heartache that can come with the decision of abortion, but I will NEVER FULLY GRASP WHAT A WOMEN GOES THROUGH. NEVER. Hear that guys? It's true. You can think, say and scream it till your blue in the face but it's just not true, you don't understand what they are going through, you can't! I've been through the supportive boyfriend role, I hurt right there with her, but she had a closeness and a loss at the end that I had, but even more-so because she literally and figuratively lost something....let's do what we can to understand. It's not out of hate we get mad, it's out of confusion, but it's the same for them, just try, THEY NEED IT AND DESERVE IT!