Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another sad day for a man once thought to stand for "Integrity"

I think deep down I figured that he HAD to know more then he was letting all saw what happened when he was fired right? It looked like half the population of Pennsylvania was rioting, in reality it was a few bad seeds and then a bunch of students just standing around and singing but still.....a tv truck did get flipped over right? Would this have been the scene if it was the assistant volleyball coach that was let go? Or even if the head basketball coach was fired? NO, this was the legendary JOE PATERNO, the man who lead Penn State to the national championship game multiple times, the myth who knocked off the juggernaut that was Miami, the legend who has the most wins all time in division 1 college football history, THIS WAS JOE PATERNO. 

If we believed for 1 second that a man that commands that kind of respect, a man that leads the entire community and seemingly speaks for everyone didn't know what was happening in his own locker room, then were either delusional or blinded by the man, myth and legend that WAS joepa.

I grew up in a sports family hearing about doing things the right way, and little comments like a real man does the right thing even when no one is watching. Penn State was known as one of those perrenial powers in college football that wasn't always in the top 5 but they always played hard, had a solid defense and did things the right way. Maybe they didn't always get that 5 star recruit that seemingly went to Miami but you also knew that Joe played by the rules, he wasn't going to jeoperdise his morals and integrity or that of Penn State for a couple wins.....but apparently that's exactly what he did do, but for what? 

We will never know exactly what was told to Paterno all these years later after all those young men have been robbed of their innocence. Think about how many people have been on the Penn State staff in all these years, we can't even guess how many of them heard the whispers and did nothing, how many stood idlely by expecting their boyhood idle to step in and put a stop to the disgusting dirty little secret that IS PENN STATE. I'm sick of hearing the stupid little chant....WE ARE.....PENN STATE...the only thing they they blinded by what they thought....WAS JOE PATERNO!!!

I really hope someday he admits exactly how many times he heard those sickening crys for help whether it be from an assistant coach reporting what he saw or a walk by the locker room shower and seeing it for himself, even then he will never regain my respect, but he doesn't deserve one night of sleep as long as these kids and now men are paying with their restless nights and feeling the terror everytime they close their eyes.