Friday, October 21, 2011

Occupy Melbourne Australia police fight back.....wait, there was no one fighting them to begin with

Ok, I know were never getting the full story when we see these little snippits of video's, and that goes for both sides, whether it's a cop beating a suspect with a baton and before the video starts what you don't see if that the suspect had reached for a gun that was in his waistband and now it was on the ground and he was reaching for it or it's a protester punching a police officer and what we don't see if that seconds before for no apparent reason the protester was assaulted by that cop who was in plainclothes so he had no idea he was actually a police officer and he was just defending himself. We are routinely shown bits and pieces of video which do not accurately portray the whole story and that just shows the bias that exists everywhere.

The video above....and i'm going to base my comments on what I can confirm in the video and make no other assumptions, there does not seem to be any justifiable provocation whatsoever. That police officer that threw the punch actually had to go 2 rows deep into the crowd to land the punch. Now in a politically charged environment like we have throughout the world right now it's hard to differentiate between what is a police officer doing his job, trying to maintain order, keep the peace, crowd control....but I don't see how this perticular officer thinks he is accomplishing any of that with his actions above.

I understand police have a very very difficult job, they deserve respect and our appreciation for what they do, they go to work everyday and put their lives on the line to protect not only all of us but our loved ones and our property. Cops like that spit in the face of every other good cop that finds that type of unprovoked violence ridiculous. I have a unique perspective then most as I have a police officer in my immediate family. My father is a chief of police and has worked at the largest college in our area, UMASS. I've seen how abusive drunk, obnoxious, rude, stubborn, students can be and I know for a fact that nothing similar to the above video ever happened to him.

Let's just try and remember not to paint them all with the same brush, the majority do a good job, the majority are going to be there when there's a burgler in your house, the majority are there when you call 911 within minutes, call out the ones who are giving the profession a bad name and let's deal with them accordingly, we don't need to be giving badges to the criminals....