Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hotel Fires Employee for Loving His Country

Hotel Fires Employee for Loving His Country:

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Summary: The Casa Monica Hotel in St. Augustine, Florida raised a big American flag out front in an effort to seem patriotic so customers would regard it as a pro-american establishment but new management has fired an employee at the front desk, who is a supervisor, for refusing to remove his flat pin worn on his lapel. The hotel defends its stance by pointing out that the policy against wearing pins is clearly stated in the employee handbook.....but this employee has worn this flag pin for the past 2 years, EVERYDAY AT WORK!

My take: This is completely, 100%, totally, certainly legal yet unwarranted politics driven bullshit! If new management is indeed anti-war, anti-wall street protester, and "the ghost of lennon" so what? That has NOTHING to do with a flag pin or wearing a flag pin. Since when does a flag represent you are pro war? or pro wall street protester? or pro anything other then america?

Im sorry but this hotel needs to call this man, apologize over the phone and in the letter it sends him with an invite to a nice dinner at the place of his choosing and then offer him his job back with a raise and a new flag pin included. Yes, I understand technically they have a policy against it, against "any pins on the lapel" at work but come on people. We are going through a hard enough time right now with the economy and everything else in this world, and your going to fire him over this?

What do you guys think??