Sunday, October 16, 2011

FAA Probes Skydiving Sex Stunt

FAA Probes Skydiving Sex Stunt

Summary: A women who works at a skydiving company as a secretary decided it would be a good idea to do a dual jump with a gentlemen that works as an instructor part time and also in the adult film industry. That's the boring part. The women and man decided to start having some sex while they were in the plane before their "jump" and taping it. That's not the part that the FAA or the women's boss has a problem with or at least not the biggest problem with as it was before operating hours and there were no customers or citizens around to see. The thing is the pair decided that they would continue the action in the bright blue sky of Bakersfield, California.....not in the plane anymore, I mean while falling to the ground, in the air, while taping it. The boss does have a problem with that part apparently. 

The part-time instructor and "hard" working porn star has been fired for his performance and the verdict is still out on the secretary says the boss. At this point they say no arrests will be made because no laws have been broken it appears as the video was only posted on "Vodoo's" age protected blog which is the nickname the man goes by. This story only because national news when a teenager managed to send the video to all of his friends before it was removed from the blog and parents found out and alerted authorities.

My Take:Initially, the plan was to get "shock jock" Howard Stern's attention with the video, but now it seems it's getting a little more "exposure" then everyone planned or maybe not? Any publicity is good publicity with something like this i'd imagine and i'm thinking that maybe that video will sell for a little bit more then what Voodoo was making as an instructor part-time....who knows maybe he has a career in acting?

Well, usually there is a double standard in society in regards to how sexual conquests are viewed between men and women. If a man sleeps with 10 girls in a month he's a stud but if a women did the same things she's called a whore, slut, tramp, ect. From what I can tell so far if what they did was against company policy then they both should be why is it that just the guy has been let go so far? As possibly embarrassing as this has been for the company I bet that he sure hasn't lost any business over it and having your name splashed all over the front page with a good looking women like this was and it turning into a punchline for newscasters everywhere isn't going to stop customers from experiencing this thrill. 

They didn't jump out of the plane because it had some mechanical failure, the motor didn't blow up, no one got hurt. The story will pass and everyone will move on but during their 5 minutes of fame this company had free advertising in every news website, paper, and my blog! I think his only mistake was not keeping with his theme of "This is not acceptable at SKYDIVE TAFT!" in his gender equality firing. Regardless no one was forced to do anything they didn't want to do, no children saw anything that they probably hadn't seen 1000 times before when their parents were not home online, and it's done with now....let's all move on.