Thursday, September 8, 2011

What your going to be reading when you follow

Just wanted to let everyone know what you can expect to find when you follow this blog......

I'm going to give my take on current events that I find interesting, noteworthy, or troubling. I'm always looking for people's imput and would appreciate any feedback you all can give me. My other blog will be more based around my website which is a big part of my life at this point so obviously it's very important to me. So def check it out but I think it's really important to share your opinions and really get the word out if you have a problem with how something was handled. We live in a free world and there is a reason that we have free speech. If something bothers you that you saw on the news last night before you went to bed send me an email about it and ill do a post. I want to keep it interesting and diverse but I def follow the world of sports A LOT. and when I say a lot I mean really a lot. I read between 30-50 different articles and blogs everyday just from so let me know your ideas and let's get going.....Thanks for the help everyone.