Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Flem File shares his all-access look at a day in the life of Michael Vick - ESPN

The Flem File shares his all-access look at a day in the life of Michael Vick - ESPN: "(What do you think? Are dog lovers who refuse to forgive Vick "heroes," "hypocrites" or "haters"? Weigh in via Twitter @DaveFlemingESPN, hashtag #FlemFile, or vote on my Facebook page poll.)"

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Alright, I just have to say to say it. Michael Vick went to prison, went bankrupt, missed the birth of his daughter,  served his time, and is now moving on with his life. That's a good thing people. There have been protesters everywhere he has appearances still, shouting that he's a killer, murderer, thug. Is what he did illegal? Yes. Is what he did disgusting, vile, and incomprehensible to the majority of people? Yes. Does that mean he should be punished for it for the rest of his life? 20 years? 10 years? Firstly, it's not our right to decide his punishment but we can certainly comment on what his punishment was. Losing all those sponsorship deals, NFL contract, missing the birth of his daughter, filing for bankruptcy, and finally going to PRISON. That is the final straw. It's what we do in society when there is no other channel available that is appropriate. Rehab, Halfway house, Therapy, Counsiling, Drug screening on probation. Those are all channels that come before Jail and i'm sure he's been in most of them in one way or another. On a side note, even while waiting to be sentenced he was using drugs. Against the rules of his bail. Some say it was "just weed" Well it was being used illegally. If I was already looking at jail time and it could get increased if I did anything wrong while i'm waiting you can bet that the last thing i'd be doing is taking any chances with ANYTHING that could hurt me even more. Already looking at missing the first months of your daughter being alive, how about missing the first 10 years because you smoked some weed, then you got into a fight and hurt someone while you were in prison those extra days, now your looking at extra years instead of days all because you wanted that hit. He had a lot of growing up to do and it looks like he did it. Let's wait and see before we call him a liar. Give the man a chance to earn back all that love he built up. I think everyone deserves a second chance, I know i've made my mistakes.

 I think it's obvious that jail was necessary, it's the amount of time that some people disagree on. I can hear both sites of the argument but when it's all said and done. He completed his jail sentence. Complied with his release instructions and has been in compliance with his bankruptcy ruling, which was still being paid back. Just last week though he signed a contract for over 100 MILLION DOLLARS WITH THE EAGLES for an extension. Now that's a lot of money. It's his second contact for over 100Million. Let's hope that all of that time to think gave him time to plan exactly where it's going to go after the creditors are paid and one of the places is the bank and another is his daughter's education fund.

From the Eagles point of view their signing the Star Quarterback that can lead them to the next Lombardi Trophy. They see a changed man that's behind center now. Some people still see the felon, collecting the earnings from last night's dog fights from one of his so called  "friends". The thing is, is this the same person or is that guy really gone? Vick says he is a changed man, that he now sees how wrong what he did was, he speaks to kids about the right path, is speaking on behalf of a bill against dog fighting actually. He's even been invited to speak, and did, at a school's commencement ceremony. That is a special day. A very important day in those kids lives. I think it was one of the most significant changes I have seen in the public opinion of Michael Vick. To ask him, of all people, to be the speaker talking about going down the right path and making the right choices whether it be friends, employment, drugs or anything else, it all boils down to the same thing.

 "You can live 23 hours and 50 minutes doing the right thing, but all anyone is going to remember is that 10 minutes that you did the wrong thing". That's a quote in the article that Vick says he remembers his grandmother saying before she passed. Sounds like a very smart women huh?