Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mexico: Woman decapitated for posting about narcos on social networking site – Boing Boing

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The war on drugs is not working any better then prohibition did. As long as there is a market for cocaine for instance there are going to be people willing to take the chance of arrest to fill that need. With the price of cocaine being prohibitively high it allows people to rationalize taking more risks and greater chances because the reward is so "high".

Our government can't even get their heads around legalizing marijuana and there are hundreds of petitions circulating, studies done to examine health risks and a large portion of our population here in the united states either smoking weed regularly now or at least doing it at some point in their lives for a period of time....While weed may be used by a larger number of people, something like cocaine brings much much much higher profits and therefor is more lucrative for the criminal world. There is no short to fix to stop the bloodshed in mexico and convince the cartels to each take their little corner of the market and play nice. Everyone wants to make more money, everyone wants to have the easiest, safest, quickest trip for their drugs to the destination of initial distribution and they are going to be willing to kill for it and not just quietly from a distance in the dead of night. No. They want you to know how painful its going to be. They want you to know that it won't just be you, it will be every single person who loves you or that you love...They want there to be fear in your head and the more fear the more likely you are to turn the other way.

This article is about a women who was beheaded in Mexico because she supposedly posted information about the local cartels on a social networking site...that means just like facebook, google +1, myspace, think about how scary that is. I live in a decent middle class neighborhood where leaving your door unlocked was the norm 10 years ago, we barely even got that type of news out here even. Now its the internet age, we know A LOT OF BAD THINGS THAT HAPPEN IN THE WORLD. I've seen the atrocities in the Republic of Congo and the disgusting treatment of citizens in war torn countries. This was not the kind of thing that our parents were exposed to last generation, it's not even something they could really even find if they tried to find it unless they were in the military and deployed.

We need to focus on stopping the weapons trade or at least get it as much under control as we can. Your never going to rid the world of drugs, guns, and evil. Were stuck with bad people who do bad things sadly, but we can always control what we ourselves do. Telling someone that they need to stand up to the cartel when they have to live in the house down the street isnt the answer. Helping build allies across the border is a start, we need to stop the blame game and take responsibility too. A lot of those drugs are getting consumed right here in the US. So, if you want to think of it this way, the Mexicans could be made at us because the cartels wouldnt be killing for territory if there was not so much money to be made here.

What do you guys think our government should do? I know building some huge wall isn't the answer.....I'm pretty sure they have rope and ladders in Mexico too.