Monday, September 26, 2011

Cops Accused of Eating Evidence in Pot Brownies Case

Cops Accused of Eating Evidence in Pot Brownies Case:

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Quick Summary: In Houston, Texas at 2 am 2 police officers arrested a young man and his friends and confiscated a tray of pot brownies and proceeded to eat them and then write(on the police computer) messages to each other about exactly how high they were.

My take: well, i normally defend police officers until it's proven or at least pretty obvious that they are in the wrong. Some of these video's on the riots where theres no sound and it just shows snippets of police hitting some kid with a baton for instance, or shooting him with bean bags, or spraying with mace. For all we know this was after the kid threw a pipe and we didnt see that part, or after the kid broke through the crowd and hit another cop with a bottle ect ect. Im just saying police don't go to work looking to get in the middle of some huge riot, at least the majority don't and they just want to go home to their wife and kids every night.

These cops don't deserve a second chance, which they will probably get because of the strength of the police union, they don't deserve some nice retirement package like they could get if they agree to leave, or even a transfer to another department with this brushed under the rug. These are the men we trust to protect us. What is there were a robbery at a house in town and they called 911, I don't know how big of a department it is but in the towns around me there are only 2 police on to work the night shift during the week. So, there are 2 robbers holding the family hostage and before back-up arrives these two show up high, rush in either shoot the family accidently cause they can't see straight cause there "SO HIGH" OR THEY GET KILLED THEMSELVES.

Obviously this is making assumptions and turning it into the extreme worst case scenario but it's POSSIBLE. If these two want to promote the legality or weed them they should become activists, not some bumbling idiots arresting kids for the same laws they are breaking themselves.

What do you think????