Tuesday, August 11, 2015

"When Whites Just Don't Get It" written by Nicholas Kristof for NY Times

NY Times opinion

Going by the study done by "scholars at Harvard and Tufts" in 2011 it stated that whites believed anti-white racism is a bigger problem in america then anti-black racism. The preface of the article is that although a majority of white Americans think that since the death of Michael Brown, a black youth shot by a white police officer, race relations have been over-covered in the aftermath of this last 12-14 months.

Although I don't agree with all of the points in the statements made throughout, I do think some have validity, As a white man I don't have the background or history that allows me to feel what it's like when you feel you are being targeted because of your race. My opinion is completely speculative.  I do think that some of the police shootings have been completely spun to fit certain agendas. While obviously the tragic death of Trayvon Martin at the hands of a stranger who shot the unarmed teen turned out terrible for everyone but the perpetrator. George Zimmerman should be sitting in a jail cell today. Talk about letting a bad man get away with murder. just look at his record of arrests since that situation was resolved....just terrible.

However, just because one shooting was wrong doesn't mean that every time a police officer shoots a black man it's murder, The police have an incredibly touch job to do and have to make life or death decisions in seconds, not minutes, hours or days like we have afterwards to dissect that decision. My heart goes out to ANYONE who has lost a loved one. No matter how or why they died it's still a great loss to you and your loved ones. But let's all just try and take each case on it's own merits and prosecute in the situations where its warranted and thank the men and women in our local police departments that are doing a good job. As much negative press as police have gotten lately, i'm sure they would love to hear from those out there who were saved from a burgler, or helped change a flat tire on that dark road when you had no cell service.

All i'm saying it's let cooler heads prevail, help one another, we are all on this earth together, let's do what we can to make it a great place for everyone!!!!