Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Meth has spread throughout most of the world by this point and Canada is no different

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Just like Heroin Methamphetamine is a drug that doesn't discriminate. Whether you be black, brown, white, Asian or a mix of all of the above, the drug epidemic sweeping our country and many others will take anyone from a happy life down to your knees. Families are not excluded from the pain. More often then not they suffer along with the addict and many times suffer to a higher degree. 

Basically here is the short version of how the public has come to find out the details of the families dirty laundry. The police minister of the Northern Territory has a son who is a meth addict. The son lent his fathers personal car to his friend to go pick up meth. During this trip the friend was pulled over and the 1.5 grams of meth was found and he was arrested. By the next morning when the son realized he hadn't come back he went to the police station to report him missing. Problem being that he drove an unregistered vehicle to the police and was therefor arrested himself. Now, the father is speaking out and explaining some of his families very real struggles with addiction.

My point in all of this is, drugs can effect anyone. The only way to 100% for sure never become addicted is TO NEVER EVEN TRY THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE. I have literally seen people's lives change so drastically from the very first time they try a drug.....not necessary meth which is not abundant in the area which I live but more often with cocaine and heroin. Ive seen men and women lose their children, houses, apartments, spend time in jail, pawn everything they own of value from gold and silver to tv and computers.

Do yourself a favor, talk to your kids before they experiment themselves, drugs are becoming more and more available in our towns and communities. Things I didn't see till I was in my 20s are now around in middle school. Don't let your family find things out the hard way. Be open and honest with your kids and they will respect that, develop a relationship where they are not afraid to call you for a ride because its too late. Make sure they you they can ALWAYS call you, can ALWAYS tell you and it'll be much better then you finding out yourself. It's just about being there and making sure they know your there.

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