Sunday, August 16, 2015

Justin Upton once again shows his incredible brain power and general lack of responsibility that only my 5 year old nephew could match article link

Compounding his mistake by trying to steal in the 8th inning of a very close game and being caught in a rundown he slammed his helmet into the ground after being tagged out and it bounced up and hit Yonder Alonso in the head. Fortunately for all parties involved the injury didn't seem to cause a concussion but the team will be cautious and check him out again tomorrow.

In my opinion just another example of the lack of holding himself responsible whether it be to get his batting average up, work on his mechanics or anything else that would have gotten him closer to the all-star caliber player year in and year out he and his brother were both expected to be. There's a reason some players get traded offseason after offseason and it isn't because they are perennial superstars thats for sure, haha