Monday, August 17, 2015

Black Lives Matter Movement is seemingly gaining ground and being heard....I think

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Ok, the "Black Life Matters" movement has been going on for just over a year now I believe, since the death of Michael Brown jr at the hands of police in Ferguson. The police officer was not charged, as the shooting was shown to be "justifiable homicide", and the grand jury chose not to bring him up on any other charges.  The police officer in question was not fired but chose to leave the police department under increasing pressure reportedly. Whether your on the side of the police or the killed young man it's a sad situation. Personally, I am white, I can't even imagine losing a member of my family, let alone at the hands of the police, but I am of the opinion that every situation is different and since this tragic event many others have occurred that many have some similarities but each one has its own specific circumstances. 

Being white I don't think I really can intelligently say how I would feel if I was part of the black community.  The history of atrocities against people of color is disgraceful. Slavery is long gone but who can really say when it's ok to move past that horrific time. If it were my relatives that were degraded and even murdered I can't say how I would feel today. I'd imagine that it would still haunt me, and for that it has to be understandable. 

My problem is with the people that want to lump anytime a black person is killed by law enforcement with the times that the police unjustly use deadly force. I can only imagine how hard it is when a family member is killed. The first thought that would probably go through any persons mind is who committed the act and wanting that person punished. I think we have to be understanding of the family and communities feelings but we all need to take a step back and listen to the facts carefully. 

The use of body cameras has to be implemented in as many departments as possible. Having all interactions recorded is a safety net against unjust accusations and unjust actions taken by both parties.  I can't imagine anyone being against getting to the absolute truth, and those cameras recording does just that.

Are there any other measures that you think are necessary???? How do you feel about the body cameras??