Friday, February 17, 2012

In this colorblind world, the only color they see is GREEN!


See, I told you so, there has been a TON of progress across the United States. The overall majority of Americans are not just "tolerant" or other races they are "colorblind". I mean this in the way of while going about their everyday lives most citizens couldn't care less whether they stand in the same line as an African-American, Mexican, Canadian and Indian. There will always be those who are dark or ignorant of those who are different them they are but hopefully with generations of kids growing up learning about different cultures, backrounds, languages, countries etc along with an environment around them that teaches things like values, morals, integrity, honesty and understanding we can stamp out that hate little by little until it's extinct.

In this story, it just shows what two people with similar goals in life that are different races can share their dreams together and along with that, can reap their recognition in the same way, TOGETHER!

The link above pertains to a story about a 38 year old white supremacist who teamed up with a 22 year old black gang member to run a fairly simple methamphetamine distribution ring in Missouri. While i'm unaware of any gang "bi-laws" or rules that would deter Robert Swinney(the black man) from making this connection with Richard Treis(the white man). However, I know that the majority of white supremacy organizations have strict club rules against this type of thing and it is punishable by anything from fines to death. 

Personally, I think the best way to handle this from here is if convicted, they should be forced to serve their jail sentence together. Everything done while incarcerated should be as 1. If one gets in a fight and is sent to solitary confinement, then they should both go together. If one is sick and has to sleep in the infirmary then go grab your blankey and buddy cause your taking a walk.....