Thursday, October 20, 2011

TN High School: Pro-GSA T-Shirts? OK, Fine. An Actual GSA? Haha, No. / Queerty

TN High School: Pro-GSA T-Shirts? OK, Fine. An Actual GSA? Haha, No. / Queerty:

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Review: Sequoyah High School students in Tennessee were told by their principal that they could not form a Gay Straight Alliance "club" and threatened anyone that wore a t-shirt to support that, tried to form ect faced expulsion from school. Well, the American Cival Liberties Union of Tennessee threatened to bring a lawsuit on the kids behalf and the school backed down however they still are allowed to tear up any petitions that they find and will not allow the club to form without a "faculty advisor" which is school policy. 

I'm not surprised that stuff like this still happens I guess i'm just surprised that when stuff like this does happen it's not a bigger deal....but with so many other important issues going on right now I can somewhat see how it's pushed aside but here is your chance to bring it to the forefront. Do you agree with the schools decision? Why?

To me this seems like pretty straightforward bigotry. The principal does not even seem like he's trying to hide his contempt and I don't even know how to take that. Is it good that he's at least not pretending it's about something else when it's not? Or, is it even worse because he's openly showing his disapproval of that lifestyle and therefor making it even harder on those kids who would've been helped by their involvement with this group?

When I was in school I was one of the athlete's, I was the popular kid that played sports and was captain of the basketball team ect ect and when they were trying to form this "club" at my school the counsiller behind it spoke with me about being a part of it because she wanted to break down some of the barriers and myth's so it was more accepted. I look back and feel bad that I wasn't more proactive in standing up for some kids that I could have. I didn't want to ruin my status and that's a shame. I am proud to say that I was part of the first ever club that year and I hope I did help in someway but I really do wish I did more.

In today's society athlete's are in a unique position to really not only provide a good example for other students and kids but to really step up and go that extra mile. If you see someone getting picked on, don't just stand there, say something. It doesn't mean you have to fight, there are a lot of ways to de-escalate a situation. Just the simple fact that your saying it's not cool to put someone else down sometimes will just end it right there. I know more then once I was able to deflect the attention away from the victim just by stepping in a changing the subject. The "victim" gets to move on, the "bully" has the chance to stop before it escalates and no teachers/authorities have to get involved and no one has to get in trouble. Now, sometimes it's necessary for someone to get "in trouble" for them to stop and learn a lesson but sometimes all it takes is pointing out how they felt the last time they got picked on and then you have one more advocate to STOP THE BULLYING.