Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tattoo Tracks Sodium and Glucose Levels on an iPhone | Geek Beat Technology News

Tattoo Tracks Sodium and Glucose Levels on an iPhone | Geek Beat Technology News:

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Summary: A professor at Northeastern University named Heather Clark, is the head of a research team that has developed a tattoo(nano injections into the skin) that will become flouresent when exposed to a certain type of molecule(sodium/glucose) and modified an I-phone that will help monitor glucose, sodium and oxygen levels. The I phone would need an attachment to do this but it could become a very popular throughout the world of diabetes because of the common need to draw blood to check levels.

My take: WOW, this is absolutely AMAZING. I have personally dealt with diabetes and all of it's negative effects because my x-girlfriend and current both have diabetes and had to draw blood several times per day. Sometimes it can be painful, leaving scar tissue to develop if the same spot is used for too long. It's also something that is very inconvienent when on everything from vacation to a day trip to the casino. Monitoring your levels when spending time having a few drinks or going without eating is even more important and sometimes drinking could cause you to forget to bring you meter with you, or forget your insulin, ect. With something as simple as this, it would make life sooooooo much easier. I really look forward to this being readily available until a cure can be found.

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