Monday, October 3, 2011

Dear Feminists, Will You Also be Marching in N***erwalk? | Loop21

Dear Feminists, Will You Also be Marching in N***erwalk? | Loop21:

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Overview: A few months after a constable made a comment about women avoiding dressing like sluts so they would not be victimized a group of students organized a protest in Toronto called SlutWalk. Basically they are saying, STOP BLAMING THE VICTIM! When a women gets raped it's not her fault, and that goes even if she's wearing a short skirt and big high heels with a tank top that's revealing, there are no circumstances where a women is asking to be victimized by what she chooses to wear.

The latest Slutwalk was staged in New York in response to a police officer stopping a talking to women in the Park Slope area of Brooklyn and letting them know that they should avoid skirts, shorts and dresses so they would be less likely to be attacked.....

My opinion: This is my second related post to this topic actually and although I previously stated that I think it was blown out of proportion in this case and that the police were just trying to help the women located in that area to lessen their chances of an attack after talking with a few women in my circles I saw a different perspective. Let me clarify. While I still don't think this situation was even close to the statement made in Toronto, I feel like that man was clearly sexist and the way it was said degraded women and was meant in just that way. In this situation I feel like the officer was trying to do the right thing but just didn't go about it in the right way. His suggestions could have included that women always try to walk in pairs or groups so they are never alone, not walk at night and try to work around getting back inside before it gets dark out as much as possible, thinking about carrying a small can of mace or something to defend yourself if your comfortable doing that and when your walking to your car always carry your keys in your hand making a fist. I had never heard of this until I read it in an article detailing safety tips for anyone walking in a dangerous area. All of these suggestions could apply to men too, this particular situation regarded sexual assaults on women but there are plenty of areas where EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE SAFE AND PROTECT THEMSELVES BY BEING SMART! Take the time to think about what your routine is and try not to do the same thing everyday, if it's common knowledge that you jog for an hour every morning alone then switch what time it's at or take different routes. Whether that's because you want to protect your home from possible burglaries or protect yourself from any number of things from assault to rape, it's a good idea for everyone....