Friday, September 9, 2011


In my humble, living in Massachusetts, root for the Patriots, opinion, Tom Brady is still the best quarterback in the NFL. I think Drew Brees is right behind him and when Peyton Manning is in between the two when he is healthy before this neck surgery. Now? Not so sure, i'd have to wait and see how it heals. But, Aaron Rodgers has improved every season in the NFL. Even in the first few years when he sat behind Farve. By all accounts, he studied the offense, worked hard and got better on his own working with the team and watching one of the greatest play the game. Now as Brady gets toward the end of his career I think Rodgers is the next superstar in the making. I think he's shot up the charts towards the end of last season and obviously had a great start to this year with 27-35, 312 yds passing and 3 td's in the opening game win vs the Saints. So, he's up to the 2 spot which pushes Brees down to 3 right now. Next I'd have to say Phillip Rivers and then Eli Manning. But I really think Manning is just standing still right now. While Sam Bradford and Matt Stafford are going to have solid years with teams that are starting to build around them. They need the offensive lines to keep them standing upright though so they can stay on the field healthy.